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Tuesday 16th, September 2014

WFEL delivers 100 not out

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The 100th DSB, WFEL’s next-generation bridging system, was delivered to US Army Major Gregory W Baker, of the Office of Defense Cooperation at the US Embassy in London, during a ceremony at WFEL’s headquarters in Stockport, UK. The bridge will be transported to the US Army’s Fort Leonard Wood Center of Excellence in Missouri, which trains nearly 100,000 soldiers and civilians each year.

Major Baker said: “The Dry Support Bridge has proved an invaluable resource for the US armed forces, both in Iraq and, currently, in Afghanistan. Used during military operations and as temporary infrastructure, the DSB, which spans gaps of up to 46m and can be deployed by a team of eight in less than 90 minutes, has proved to be a vital piece of equipment in keeping traffic flowing.”

The DSB, WFEL’s latest generation rapidly-deployable bridging system, has been supplied to the US since 2003. The latest delivery takes the value of DSBs ordered by the US to more than £450million.

Alongside the US, other key customers of the DSB include Turkey and Switzerland. A specially-modified IVECO vehicle used by the Swiss military to launch the bridge was recently on show at DSEI, the defence and security equipment exhibition held in London.

Ian Wilson, WFEL chief executive, said: “The US has been a key partner for many years and the delivery of the 100th Dry Support Bridge is an important and symbolic moment for the company. We are delighted with the very close and supportive contacts we have with the US military and that the DSB has proven to be a key system in the inventory of their military engineers that has regularly proved its worth on operations.

“WFEL also provides a comprehensive after-sales support service, both overseas and at our factory, where we ensure that US DSBs returning to America from overseas that may have suffered battle damage are fully refurbished.

“Coupled with the DSB, our rapidly-deployable Medium Girder Bridge, in use with 40 armed forces worldwide, is increasingly being deployed in support of aid agencies in disaster and emergency relief situations to help with the movement of supplies.

“As we look to the future, and as a Prime Contractor to the US Department of Defense, we will continue to build on our close relationship with the US military while using the excellent international reputation of the DSB to push into the new markets that are developing in Asia and South America.

“WFEL is proud to be 100 not out, but this is simply a stepping stone to the delivery of many more systems.”